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Liberation Movement Unveiled In Lagos

A new political platform, The Liberation Movement has been unveiled in Lagos.
In a statement made available to Thepage, and signed by its Lagos state chairman, Adewale Adebiyi, the party is set out to play what it described as politics of decency.

“In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency which is exactly what we stand for in the liberation movement.

“We are an Inclusive movement that transcends the diversity of tongue,tribe, clan, creed and ethnicity. We believe in creating a level playing ground where every Nigerian is treated equally.”

In line with the federal body of liberation movement, , the statement said, the Lagos State chapter is strongly committed to upholding the ideology of our movement which seeks to create economic, political and social freedom for Nigerians and Nigeria.


“We will use our platform as a springboard to building a prosperous nation for all residents of Nigeria and YES we will.

“We will create a crime that is fair and afford all nigerians equal opportunity to engage in political economic and social activities of their choice without infringing on the rights of others.

“We seek to offer Nigerians the refreshing experience of liberty and the joy that comes with knowing that your vote does count because it surely will count.

“Democracy still remains the best form of governance for our beloved country but we must consciously separate the organs of government Under true federalism and uphold the supremacy of the law of the land that aims at preserving the right of every citizen.
One man,One vote , Equality of the leaders and the led this is the bedrock o

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