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Atiku Shares his views on Managing Security and Crises (#Time2Atikulate series)

Atiku Abubakar says Nigeria is a nation in crisis.

According to the PDP presidential front runner, our country is beset with myriad problems: inequality, ethno-religious frictions, and disputes over land and resources have eroded social cohesion, undermining democratic consolidation and threatening national unity and security.

The former Vice President said Nigerians are forced to endure terrorist attacks in the North, militancy in the Niger Delta, communal violence in the Middle Belt, cult wars in the South, and kidnappings, and other acts of brigandry across the country.

All these, he says, must stop once he becomes president because “As President, I promise to undertake the following urgent measures, replace the office of the National Security Adviser with a National Security Council (NSC) that includes the Presidency, the heads of the Nigerian Police Force (and once they are ready: state police services), the heads of the security services, and the Chief of Defence Staff. We will create a single National Security Advisory Council (NSAC) composed of former Heads of State, traditional and community leaders and some other persons that may be relevant.”

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