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2019: Nigeria Can Only Get it Right with Restructuring  – OPC

The Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) has reaffirmed its belief in restructuring, saying Nigeria can only get it right when all the federating states develop at their own pace.
Speaking yesterday at a briefing with newsmen , Publicity Secretary of the group, Mr. Yinka Oguntimehin,said as the 2019 election draws nearer, it is very important for all the stakeholders in the country to raise issues that have direct impact on the development of the nation,noting that Nigerians deserve the right to vote for political parties or candidates that have something reasonable to offer the nation.
“Nigeria can only get it right with restructuring. The coming election will definitely come with various  challenges and opportunities, and some of the opportunities will be for us to align with the yearnings of the mass of the people on who becomes the president of this great nation, and is ready to bring to the table a policy direction that can impact their lives  positively. Not only that, it is our duty as a group  to promote the ideals of restructuring”.
The OPC publicity scribe added also that the beauty of restructuring is encompassing, stressing that the best could only come to Nigeria through restructuring.
“It is sad that we are still borrowing money to finance the budget, particularly, at a time when election is about three months away. It is sad that majority of Nigerians are suffering with the abundant human and material resources that are abound in the country . It is sad that Nigerians are suffering at all levels, yet we need  to promote ideals that have human face and that is what restructuring is all about”, he said.
Oguntimehin, however, disclosed that the group has no preferred candidates among the various political parties that are jostling for political offices, especially, the position of the Nigerian president, adding that OPC will gladly support candidates that truly believe in the ideal of the group.
“We are very much on top of the current situation in the political milieu. We are watching the political developments as they unfold in the country. We believe in the struggle to promote the cultural identity of the Yoruba race. We believe in the struggle to liberate the Yoruba nation as it is being promote consistently by our amiable leader, Aare Gani Adams, therefore, we will never compromise our values as a self determination group”, he explained .

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